A quality guttering installation to be proud of.
A quality guttering installation to be proud of.
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Roof Repairs

Apart from gutter and fascia works there is nothing more satisfying than fixing a leaky roof but it can be very challenging at times when there is no obvious sign of anything amiss. Replacement broken tiles is an easy task however most roof leaks tend to be a little more complicated. Valley gutters and chimney flashings are the commonest source of roof problems and I have become most adept at identifying and correcting these issues cost effectively.

From the image here we identified the cause of a roof leak under the valley tiles and thankfully long experience taught us to remove enough tiles to investigate furthermore where we found multiple problems. The only solution in this case was to replace the entire valley under felt with a more durable felt membrane ensuring no future roof leaks. You may ask why rain water ever got under these tiles to rot away the under felt if there were no broken tiles and everything else was in good condition. The fact is most pan tiles are prone to minute seepage depending on weather conditions and this problem worsens the lower the roof pitch angle is. You almost never get any such rain seepage on any high pitched traditionally tiled roof and most of these do not have any secondary protection.

Seems every roof leak I investigate lately is chimney based and either rear lead gutter or side soakers. Where I see evidence of previous failed repairs to lead flashings I immediately suspect pin holes in the rear lead gutters or worn out displaced side soakers and nine times out of ten this proves to be the case. It is wrong to make assumptions without properly identifying the true source of water penetration around a chimney and I usually take the time to find the exact cause and offer a permanent solution to the problem.

Moss problems on roof tiles

Unfortunately there is no permanent cost effective solution to moss building up on roof tiles and all one can do is only take measures to minimise this recurring problem. Highly aggressive moss removal procedures should always be avoided and more commonly used sodium based moss killer chemicals should be used with care especially on cement concrete roof materials with winter looming. Aggressive jet washing cement based products and adding salts when heavy frosts are imminent can very seriously impact the life expectancy of the roof structure. Copper sulphate was the only true moss killer specifically used for hard surface but alas another banned product today however one can still legally adapt copper technology in alternative ways to limit moss growth on roof tiles.

Donaldson Guttering Fascias can offer you safe copper based remedies for moss control that will not alter the aesthetics of or damage your roof structure.

Solid copper strips inserted into roof structures can provide more long term relief from moss on roof tiles however its preventative capabilities are not exact science in knowing how much or how little to use. The theory is that any rain water trickling over the copper insert causes a slow release of copper sulphate to wash over the lower roof tiles poisoning off any fresh moss growth and keeping the roof clean. This is a more costly strategy that might offer some long term relief from the most troublesome roof mosses and more likely to work if the copper strip is pre aged with acid before fixing. The copper strip moss prevention method is particularly suited to flat surface roof tiles as opposed to sculptured tiles but very helpful in almost every situation.

A moss free roof could mean an end to frequent gutter blockages and Donaldson Guttering Fascias can offer you many worthwhile solutions for all these persistent problems.

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