A quality guttering installation to be proud of.
A quality guttering installation to be proud of.
Donaldson Guttering Fascias: 01494 449921
Donaldson Guttering Fascias:   01494 449921  

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Tired worn out leaky guttering can be easily rescued providing the supporting fascia and soffit boards are in good condition however there is no worthwhile remedy for badly rotted wooden fascia where full replacement might be necessary. One must consider the life expectancy of existing wood fascias when considering replacement guttering balanced against the extra cost of a fully inclusive guttering, fascia and soffit system. If funds are limited then Donaldson Guttering Fascias will always offer you a brief survey without pressuring you into buying something you do not need. I am a skilled local tradesman not a salesman and I offer a fair assessment with an estimate for all available options.

The accompanying image from a thirty five year old property tells a sad story. The fascia had rotted away extensively from the top downwards and the plastic guttering subsequently collapsed. On close inspection we found the wooden board had only been repainted once in its entire lifetime and you can clearly see the original to refreshed paint line on the image missing from above the gutter line. Due to capillary action common on low pitched roofing along with gutter splash and absent roof edge drip felt this wooden fascia board was doomed to failure regardless of the paintwork condition. With modern day advancements in unbreakable roof felt and drip edge eaves trays these alone would have protected that wooden fascia board from most forms of decay. Fortunately in this instance we found all supporting rafter feet were rot free and we carried out a full upvc fascia soffit and guttering replacement along with new felt membrane to the customer’s full satisfaction.

There can be few better visual or practical enhancements to any property than a quality upvc guttering and fascia installation that only requires a quick wash every other year to retain its beauty. A few fascia manufacturers currently offer fifty years warranty on their products that I find totally outrageous because it can only be described as high confidence. To quote one manufacturer, “our intensive technical work on advanced lead-free product formulations and exhaustive weather testing allows us to correlate performance and product lifetime with exceptional confidence".

Thankfully with advanced roof and fascia technology we have almost completely eliminated the ugly element of underside soffit ventilation today to leave a smooth easy wipe clean surface over its many years of service. Gone are the pinking problems of yesteryear plastic fascias with manufacturing advancements in lead free technology. Absent are the grey bacterial blooms we occasionally had with more robust non permeable fascia manufacturing surface coatings of today. With quality fitting and minimal aftercare I can indeed envisage modern upvc fascia soffit systems lasting a lifetime and beyond.

Donaldson Guttering Fascias is well rehearsed in all areas of roofline products old or new, modern and traditional that can only be expected from a long experienced quality tradesman. To date I have not had one single quality of workmanship issue on any new fascia guttering system since 1981 and long may it continue that way.

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