A quality guttering installation to be proud of.
A quality guttering installation to be proud of.
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Cleaning repairs and guaranteed replacements

Clean guttering is an essential element of any routine property maintenance and the most basic task I undertake. Usually I offer you a brief survey before and after any gutter clean job I do for you and this can be very beneficial to ensure the long term integrity of the valued property. Being a highly skilled long served tradesman I not only clean and repair guttering but also advise and rectify any other defects in the guttering, roof and roofline system if requested and I am knowledgeable enough to answer your queries on all aspects of your roof and rain water guttering system.

Guttering repair work has been a very rewarding experience for me throughout my 34 years trading and I derive great satisfaction from rescuing a defunct guttering system to leave your property absolutely water tight. I use some very unique gutter fittings, fixings and methods to ensure your satisfaction whenever required. For instance I rarely leave an exposed guttering to rain water pipe outlet connection so unprotected leading to future ground soak away pipe blockages that can incur hefty expense to rectify. I have learned from experience how vital proper guttering expansions must be applied and that extra lubrication of gutter joints leads to less wear and tear on the product and helps alleviate the notorious guttering expansion crack when the sun comes out. Clean guttering joints and extra lubricant does a lot to reduce friction and seriously lengthen the lifespan of your roofline guttering system.

New guttering installation on sound fascias is where I excel and I hasten to add I have not had a single installation failure in my long trading history. I put these guttering successes down to a unique understanding of levels, directional alignments, extra fixings and a few tricks I will not publish. A well fitted guttering system with all the above methods applied is proven to outlast and out perform a poorly fitted guttering system and will certainly lengthen your gutter cleaning schedules by a long way or even rule it out completely.

For the more adventurous we can offer the most advanced guttering systems with more pleasing aesthetics to enhance the overall look and feel of your property. Higher capacity deep flow guttering is a nice looking and practical alternative to standard half round guttering. Box style ogee guttering is a good alternative to ordinary square line guttering offering higher capacity again but can look a little top heavy on certain properties. Winter ice and snow can take its toll on these high capacity gutters and if not adequately supported can lead to failure therefore it is essential to only employ the best professional fitting service available. Donaldson Guttering Fascias of High Wycombe has tried and tested all high capacity guttering systems to date and found that some brands far out perform others and some are a complete failure from almost day one. I have found ineffective water tightness in the jointing system of some that cannot be rectified because the flat base of the guttering loses tensile strength and becomes convex so much there can be no worthwhile repair. Even after fitting new joints or unions to these particular guttering brands they still remain prone to leakages. Fortunately my thoroughly tested preferred guttering systems do not exhibit these inherent design faults.

Gutter sealants beware

A good quality well fitted guttering requires very little maintenance but occasionally you may experience a slow dripping joint especially after many years of hard service. In these circumstances it is a simple task for any professional guttering service to basically replace the leaky fitting with an identical product and check over the remaining guttering to give you many more years of trouble free service. However there is a new culture of so called gutter specialists doing the rounds and fixing leaky gutter joints with the all for one squeeze gun sealant and leaving disaster in their wake.


Too many times lately I am called out to leaky gutters only to find botched up previous repairs that have swiftly failed and it can be a horrendous task to rectify the ensued damage caused by these wondrous gutter sealants. Fortunately I can clean off most of these disastrous sealants in situ and fit new matching parts at reasonable cost however all too often the only option is more costly full or part replacement guttering system.


Always bear in mind proven scientific fact and manufacturers recommendations in regard to proper expansion contraction rates and never glue up any guttering system in defiance of these rules preventing essential free gutter movements. By doing so you might well face a more hefty expense to correct all the resulting issues not long after.


When guttering manufacturers recommend a little silicone applied to gutter joints is quite useful they mean silicone lubricant not silicone sealant. Unfortunately some people today do not understand these simple English definitions.


Donaldson Guttering Fascias is always available for assistance at reasonable costs if indeed you have fallen victim to gummed up gutter joints or magic wipe on sealants.

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Gutter Hedgehog is a gutter brush that could seriously lengthen the time between your gutter cleaning schedules. Ideal for problem gutters. Please call for more information.


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